Save entire website, reference material, news articles, pictures of any kind including adult content to your hard disk for efficient view, manipulation into a single packed file. Once saved, no internet connection is required to access them. Also take advantage of full featured export process that gives you the ability to move or change the way saved websites will stay on your computer. You can export saved website to CD, archive, and CHM and into stand alone executable file (E-book). Click here if you want to read more ...

WebCloner combines the power of multi-threading with a very intuitive and nice interface to offer you a solution to your download problems. Basically, each download progress contains four steps. Select files you want to download (using the file filters) from where (using integration tools with Internet Explorer, Netscape or any other browser), start/resume the download, refine the download, browse saved files and the last step is the export wizard.

The WebCloner interface is very easy to use. WebCloner sits into your system tray notification area when minimized or runs as any other regular application when restored. Keep it minimized when you want WebCloner to run in background and you are working with other applications. Also WebCloner is a multi-document application, since you can open each downloaded project into a different tab. The tabbed interface makes easy for you to switch between project downloads. The dialogs come with a lot of balloons and tool tips to make you understand how to use all features, easily.
The ordering process is secure, since the orders are processed by which is a division of DigitalRiver. We don’t store any credit card information; we store just your personal information as your name and email address so we’ll be able to deliver the registration information. You’ll be able to download and install the software immediately.
Product: WebCloner 2.7
Price: $39.95
Download size:  3.04 Mb
Required Operating System:  Windows 98/2000/Me/NT/XP
You get:  Our 30-days No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee 
You also get:  1 year of free access to WebCloner upgrades
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